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Today we have the pleasure of torturing Nick, from Oneder Effects!

Q: What was your first encounter with guitar and/or pedals?
A: My friend’s brother played bass and I caught a glimpse of his bass and his amp (probably a squier bass with a practice amp of some kind) and I immediately told my parents I want to play bass. They told me to maybe start with guitar, more strings, I can always go back to bass if I wanted. I sure am glad I went with guitar (no offense, bass players.) My dad and I bonded over going to music stores and looking for gear, and he isn’t even a player. He got me a Boss BF-2 Flanger for my first pedal and you could say the rest is history.
Q: When did you start getting into building?
A: I believe it was around New Years Eve 2019. I think I had my first working circuit New Years Day 2020. Happy I found a new hobby because the pandemic put a pretty big halt to my day job of recording and producing bands in my studio. I named my company Oneder Effects, after my studio Oneder Studios, and expected to sell a couple pedals here and there. It turned into something a lot bigger, though. Very grateful.
Q: When did you design your first pedal?
A: After building a handful of clones and hand drawing symbols to label my controls, I got the itch to have a pedal to call my own. The Oneder Drive (which has now evolved into the Onederbolt) was a happy accident and I decided it’d be fun to see if other people liked it as much as I did. I think it was ready to go by the fall of 2020. The DNA of that pedal is still in my line 4 years later!
Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Oneder Effects is now my full time job, with recording and mixing being a distant second. I’m quite happy with that arrangement. Creating and working on songs feels like fun again. Pedals on the other hand.. I wish I felt like enjoying pedals in my off-time but I’ve had enough by the end of the day 😂
Q: Any long term goals?
A: I sort of take things 6 months at a time. This business is so unpredictable. But I’d love to be still doing this 5 years from now, just bigger and better in some way. Maybe focusing more on developing pedals (and guitars) and less of the actual building. More dumb videos, too.
Q: Any other hobbies besides music?
A: Realized recently that I’m a gamer and a film nut. Put me in a movie theater or in front of a Zelda game, and that’s my happy place where I can finally decompress.
Q: Pets?
Bo and Piper! My two dogs. You may have seen them shidding on my Instagram,
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