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Today we hang with Chris, from R2R Electric!


Q: What was your first encounter with guitar and/or pedals?
A: My dad played as a hobby since I was born. So we always had a guitar in the house. I started playing around 12 years old and got a Soundtank Tube Screamer shortly after I started playing guitar. It was awful and awesome all at the same time!
Q: When did you start getting into building?
A: I built my first functional pedal late 2018, it was an EHX Screaming Tree clone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to build something like that.
Q: When did you design your first pedal?
A: Technically I haven’t, I’ve modded a few circuits. But I mainly build detailed clones of vintage circuits. My first (and most) popular pedal is the Treble Booster. It’s a Dallas Rangemaster clone and I added a 6 position selectable input capacitor switch. But is otherwise true to the original.
Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I am the owner / operator of R2R Electric
Q: Any long term goals?
A: Continue doing what I’m doing right now! If I can keep making pedals for people until I retire, I’d be a happy guy
Q: Any other hobbies besides music?
A: No time! But I love MK2 Volkswagen GTI’s, I used to work on them. But I don’t have spare time these days.
Q: Pets?
A: Many, I officially have 2 dogs, Ren & Scruggs and 1 cat Tommy. But we’ve also been adopted by our backyard cat Smokey and take care of a street cat named Jane Fonda
Shop website: www.r2relectric.com
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