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Today were talking with Miguel from Stacks FX!


Q: What was your first encounter with guitar and/or pedals?
A: My dad played guitar and he was always pushing me to start playing. I wasn't until I wanted to learn how to play Black Bird that I actually did. My first pedal ever was a Phase 90 that I bought off some kid in my class. I just knew Eddie used one and I needed to try it. I still have that pedal.
Q: When did you start getting into building?
A: I was always into electronics. I took all my family's things apart when I was a kid, which they hated. I eventually learned to to put things back together while learning along the way. Once I started playing guitar the two things just clicked. I've been into everything involving building/designing pedals and amps ever since.
Q: When did you design your first pedal?
A: It was back in like 2011. I made this little oscillator housed in an tiny enclosure. Not sure what happened to it but the low was thunderous on that thing.
Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Besides the Stacks stuff I also manage operations for a weekly event in DTLA. I wish I could say all I do is work on pedals but I gotta just keep working towards that goal.
Q: Any long term goals?
A: Keep growing the Stacks lineup with interesting offerings that will hopefully include more amplifiers and studio outboard gear. I'm working on a full synth console design at the moment. Not sure it it'll become a thing but one will definitely exist in the near future.
Q: Any other hobbies besides music?
A: I love painting when there's time. Haven't done it much these days but It's something I'd love to get back to.
Q: Pets?
A: I have two cats. Les ( yes that Les) and Tito aka Gatito Puente.
If you havent already done so, check out Stacks FX Site!

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