i havent done one of these in a long time.

Honestly, i completely forgot i had a blog section on my site. Does anyone even read this? Anyways, a lot has been going on in my world. I'm pumping out a ton of circuits. I currently have 6 pedals that are done & waiting to be released. I think my problem is that i keep on coming up with stupid ideas for pedals. I need to stop it & just see a pedal through, start to finish.  


Yesterday, i released the velvet ant. this was a project ive had in my head for about 5 years. There are tons of Lofi pedals out there, but, to me, theyre a bit much to understand. I wanted something super simple, a high cut, a low cut, some hiss & some crackle. I added gain for good measure, because it sounded good. I didn't think people would be into it, but it sold out fairly quickly. It feels good knowing that im not alone in this. 


The next pedal that im going to release is probably going to be the Asian Tiger. Its a One (?) knob fuzz. Im using the remainder of those HUGE knobs that knobhead made for me. The pedals, video, and other stuff are all ready, but Ill probably release it in the middle of the month.


Stay frosty,

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