Frequently asked questions

The pedal I want is out of stock on your website. When can I order one?

We are a small company so it takes a long time for us to manufacture new batches. Please sign up for our mailing list and follow our instagram to receive news and updates about upcoming batches.

I placed an order but I haven't gotten confirmation that my pedal has shipped. What's up?

If we have not provided a specific preorder window, we do our best to ship new orders within one week.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes pedals are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International. Please note that all international customers are responsible for all applicable import duties. These are out of our control. We will not declare a lower value. Skirting customs laws can result in your pedal being returned or permanently lost.

I don't like my new Gear ant pedal. Can I return it?

No. We can’t afford to buy your pedal back, as we are a very small company. Try selling it at,,, harmony central, eBay, or Craigslist.

My pedal is not working. Now what?

  • Original US owners: We, Gear ant, will repair your pedal for free if you didn’t use an incorrect power supply or do something crazy. If within one (1) month of purchase, we will pay for shipping. If it’s after one (1) month, the buyer pays return insured shipping and any parts that need to be replaced.
  • Non-original owners: the owner/buyer is responsible for a $30 bench/hour bench fee, parts replacement, and return insured shipping. External damage to the enclosure and/or paint will be decided later upon inspection.
  • For all international owners (first/second/thirdhand, etc.): The owner assumes ALL shipping expenses.
  • If you attempt to repair or mod your pedal, do so at your own risk because you’re voiding and and all warranties.

To initiate the repair process, please contact us.

Do your pedals carry a warranty?

We stand proudly by the quality of our products. All of our pedals carry a 5 year warranty for materials and workmanship tied to the original owner. We are happy to cover manufacturing defects as well as mechanical or electrical failure during normal use, which is determined at our discretion. All we ask is that you mail the pedal to us, and we will happily take care of the rest. If a pedal is found to be defective within 30 days of arrival, we can provide a return shipping label.

Our warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Cosmetic damage (if you don’t scratch it, are you even playing it?)

  2. Environmental or liquid damage (if you dump a beer in your pedal, I have to wear gloves and I hate wearing gloves)

  3. Heavy impacts (if you drop a road case on it, that’s on you)

  4. Unsanctioned modification or repair work

  5. Use of an incorrect power supply (over-voltage or reverse polarity - though we have substantial protection measures against both)

  6. Any forms of misuse and abuse by the end user

Non-warranty repairs are billed at $30/hour.