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Exploded Boss MT-2

Exploded Boss MT-2

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In 1991, Boss debuted the MT-2 Metal Zone, a stompbox leveraging one year 

of research and development with the capability to seemingly fit into any rock context. The company’s print advertisement invited users to “step on it” while promising the MT-2 would deliver “hard rock crunch and awesome tube distortion, plus precise tonal control from the 3-band EQ.”

The MT-2 was unquestionably designed to produce scintillating high-gain tone. Housed in the familiar Boss casing with a black color scheme featuring orange lettering, the controls include Level to adjust the volume of the effect and Distortion to adjust the intensity of the distortion.

The main calling card of the MT-2, however, is its onboard 3-band equalizer. Knobs labeled High and Low command the higher and lower frequencies; a Middle knob adjusts the boost/cut on the mids; while the Mid Freq knob sets the middle-range frequency (200Hz to 5kHz).


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