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Velvet ant

Velvet ant

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The Velvet ant is a very simple, yet great sounding LoFi pedal. I wanted something that would emulate an old phonograph. I designed this to include both analog & digital aspect, in order to build in random crackle & hiss. The gain was added to give a little grit, but it will never go into overdrive territory. 

- Level: Adjusts the overall input audio volume
- Gain: Adjusts the, er... gain
- Noise: Volume control for the white noise
- Crackle: Volume control for the independent crackle
- Low: Removes the low end of the input signal
- High: Removes the high end of the input signal 

Additional information:
- true bypass
- top jacks & power

Fun Fact: While a velvet ant may look like a cute & fuzzy ant, its actually a wasp. Its sting is so powerful, it was dubbed the "cow killer".

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